IQE’s industry leading range of epitaxial wafer products have been at the forefront of Photonics for over 30 years.

Our depth of expertise and breadth of materials technology provide our customers with a complete portfolio of growth technologies which serve a wide range of applications in 3D sensing, data communications, telecommunications and infrared detection.

3D Sensing

IQE is a pioneer in VCSEL technology; virtually every 3D sensing enabled mobile handset is powered by our epitaxial wafers. Our proven track record in high volume 940 nm VCSEL manufacture perfectly positions IQE to meet its customer’s requirements in the 3D sensing and illumination space, whether for facial recognition, LiDAR, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or autonomous vehicles. Additionally, in fast moving markets where technology leadership is key, IQE is paving the way for new applications which benefit from compound semiconductor materials. Our dilute nitride VCSEL technology enables behind OLED (BOLED) display proximity sensing and our VCSEL on Germanium (IQGeVCSEL 150™) makes possible the integration of photonics devices with CMOS technology on large diameter substrates (ultimately 300 mm). Being a market leader as well as transformational in the VCSEL products that we offer, Photonics Epitaxial Wafers continue to be a core strength of IQE.

IQE's 3D Sensing products include:
940 nm VCSEL (3D Sensing)
13xx nm VCSEL and EEL (3D Sensing/BOLED)
IQGeVCSEL 150TM (VCSEL on 150 mm Ge)

Infrared Imaging

Our industry leadership in extended wavelength detector and laser epitaxy places IQE at the forefront of intelligent sensor technologies. Our advanced GaSb and InP infrared materials enable land, sea and airborne defence and security sensing platforms. IQE’s technology is at the heart of multiple target detection, identification, tracking, and border protection systems. Building on our market leading position, IQE continues to innovate in this field, developing material technologies for applications such as Smart City connected sensors that will be used to detect incidents and share data as they occur.

Our laser and detector epitaxy in the long wavelength infrared is found in multiple medical, environmental, HAZMAT detection and chemical identification applications. Whether measuring harmful pollutants, assessing releases of hazardous materials or determining key vital body signs, non-invasively with smart healthcare technology, IQE’s wide range of material types provides a complete wavelength sensing solution, whatever the application.

IQE's Infrared Imaging products include:
InP Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)
GaSb MW-LW Infrared Photodetector
InP SWIR and Extended Wavelength Infrared Photodetector
GaAs Quantum Well Photodetector
GaSb MW Infrared Emitter

Telecommunications & Datacommunications

In 1988, InP was the material upon which IQE, then EPI, was established, supporting a nascent fibre optic communications industry as an innovator in the outsourcing of compound semiconductor epitaxy. Today, IQE offers a broad range of InP telecom and datacom products which are suitable for fibreoptic transceiver needs, spanning 2.5G-50G speeds. This includes Full Service epitaxy which features our Nanoimprint Lithography grating technology that enables our customers to rapidly fabricate devices, thus reducing time to market. Additionally our 850 nm GaAs VCSEL products are a key enabling technology for high speed data-communication applications and can be found in the fibre optic links within hyperscale data centres which power the Internet of things (IoT), cloud and 5G wireless networks. Fast evolving network technologies and our unquenchable demand for data will benefit from decades of IQE experience supporting the photonics materials requirements of its customers.

IQE's Telecommunications & Datacommunications products include:
InP FP 13xx & 15xx nm (2.5G/10G) and Extended Wavelength
InP DFB 13xx & 15xx nm (2.5G/10G/25G) and Extended Wavelength
DFB Full Service with NIL Grating
InP APD 2.5G/10G/25G
InP PD 2.5G/10G/25G
Zinc Diffusion
850 nm VCSEL (10G/25G/High Power)


Current trends in consumer device display technology are driving the need for extremely small, highly efficient LEDs. The footprint and efficiency requirements of devices for next gen applications presents challenges that cannot be met by traditional, well-established GaAs and GaN LED technology. IQE is engaged in multiple partnerships whereby it leverages the power of its technology portfolio to directly address the requirements for mobile devices, wearables, and ultra high-definition displays.

IQE's GaAs & GaN display products include:

GaAs Red Laser