For over 30 years, IQE has been at the forefront of advanced semiconductor material innovation, and remains uniquely positioned to capitalise on the next wave of industry innovation.

IQE's technologies help to create, drive and grow each of these market applications.


IQE has a long legacy in wireless technology, in applications ranging from smartphones to 5G infrastructure. We are committed to enabling the smart connected devices of the future and seamlessly aiding real time data exchange, enhancing efficiency and functionality.


As a leader in cutting-edge sensing technology, IQE is committed to maintaining technology leadership in this market to serve an expanding list of new applications.


Power market applications span various industries including renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, data centres and industrial automation, playing a crucial role in efficient energy conversion and control.


The microLED revolution is poised to transform display technology by offering unparalleled visual performance, enhanced energy efficiency, and compact form factors across a spectrum of applications, from consumer electronics to augmented reality.